Friday, December 9, 2011

     The page for "Jammin' Squirrel Productions" is a simple one, and the logo is of a squirrel holding a saxophone. The pictures uploaded on this page are track pics, meaning, there's a picture to represent each track. Otherwise, the page is not much different from any other regular Reverbnation page. I dig the picture of the squirrel holding the saxophone, it suits the name well. The artist compares his music to that of Brian Eno & Revolution Void.

     The artist claims to be a classical musician, and also claims to have been in various jazz acts. Using computers & software, this artist apparently has moved out on his own, to produce & write his own tracks. The classical musicianship is obvious, it's power is observed in much of the work. The movements drift together with ease, with a world music edge. The tempo is slow & easy. Sampling is heard throughout the songs, sound bytes enter briefly, and simply. In no way is this music edgy, or course. It's a smooth blend of classical synth, techno drum beats, and dreamy jazz tones. I cannot discern if the horn in the song, "Bossa Das Pedras" is authentic, or software. Also, the guitar in this song seems played by a real musician, elegantly and profoundly. A singer also is heard. I will assume he sings in Portuguese, since the act resides in Portugal. In my opinion, the vocals may not have been needed here. The song would've been an excellent instrumental. However, in the song, "3 Feet and 1/2", the vocals are a nice touch. A male & female vocalist are heard, singing in unison. The vocals in this song are in English. The solo guitar in this song is a soft treat, with a significant Spanish influence.

     The act is listed as " Alternative / Chill-out / Ambient / Electronic / Downtempo". I agree with all these listings. The term "alternative" in regards to music has always eluded me. Alternative to what? The act is definitive with the genres, "ambient, electronic / downtempo". I might also have added, "World" music, The Spanish guitars, the djembes, congas, & horns make this an added feature. Also the vocalists using both Portuguese and English continue to define this act more as "World/ electronic / downtempo". All that said, the music is consistent with the genres listed, and is in conformity with the standards "Jammin Squirrel Productions" has put forth.

     The act is a refreshing taste of the growing realm of electronic music. The blends of real musical instruments mixed with software are unique in this act. Both the guitars and horns stand out significantly, and the synth is more background & atmosphere. The vocals & sampling are in the forefront, and cannot be missed. 

     It does not appear that this act does any live shows, and there are 5 songs and 3 videos. I found this act unusual to the electronic music I'm used to hearing, & certainly the world music feeling it provided gave it a different edge. I didn't expect the vocals for some reason I can't explain. The classical touch is, in my opinion, is the best feature of this music, followed by the guitar & horn solos. It would be an unusual treat to see this act perform live. I think it could be done, and should be done. I suspect the music would translate even better to a live audience.